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3 Amazing tips to grow your business on Instagram

We all want a piece of the action, we all want to make a comfortable living, we all wanna show we are the best or offer the best in the business. Instagram seems like an amazing place to showcase what you got doesn't it!? Well of course i'm going to say you are right (otherwise why would I be writing this) But you have to pull it off right. I see many businesses jump on the gram without the first idea of what they are doing or even a basic strategy of how they going to do it. So I have put together three of the most important tips you need to make your business grow on Instagram! Okay, so you are using Instagram for your business, great choice! Well done! and now you have probably come across several million articles telling you how you can increase your followers and make that sweet sweet social media money. Some of these articles and blogs do prove useful from time to time while others are just an absolute waste of life. So let me weed out all the BS and give you three tips that will help you to grow!

Partner with Instagram Influencers

Oh no... I used the word "Influencer" mumma slap me now! But seriously, it's the way of the digital world now. Influencers get the job done! and i'm not talking about these silly little air heads with 100 followers calling themselves an influencer so they seem more important than what they actually are (gosh i sound awful right now, but honestly blaaaah) But to get the most out of this first tip You need to know who the relevant influencers are. and no i'm not talking about celebrities like Brad Pitt.

Influencers are merely people who have a large audience in your niche and are also highly liked. Their opinion is highly respected and having them support your brand can give you a lot of leads for your Instagram business. To find the right influencer, you need to make sure that they:

Fully understand and support what your brand stands for Have many followers Have a high rate of engagement Their content matches what your brand offers

Once you have identified an influencer, you can then reach out to them, send a killer pitch to grab their attention and wait to start working with them

There are big brands that have benefited greatly from this Instagram for business tip. They include H&M, Naked juice, and Glossier that has gone a step further and utilized micro influencers who are everyday women with high influence but less individual reach, so they combine a couple of them.

Create a lifestyle brand

As much as Instagram is vain and all people want are aesthetics, you have to make sure your photos tell a story. Merely putting up pictures will get you nowhere but when you build a lifestyle brand, so having well written content to accompany your images will get yourself out there more.

To establish an Instagram for business account, you need to play on emotion. Show your audience why your brand is the best and how it will significantly improve their lives. As you continue to market, you will realize nobody buys goods, they buy the expectation and you have to make your product seem out of this world.

Some of the brands that have used this Instagram for business tips so beautifully that you should check out include Adobe, Vodka for dog people, playdoh, and Reynold’s Kitchens.

Networking with your peers

What?! Make friends with your competition?! HOW OUTRAGEOUS! But no, honestly making friends within your industry can yield amazing results. For example, I have started to build quite a good little support network within the Photography/Modelling industry. Now I have people reach out to me when they need advice, can't fulfill a job requirement, etc etc. Whilst I also reach out to others when I am too busy to take on a job. It's all swings and round abouts, the more you help out others the more help you will get back in return. I like to share my peers within my Instagram story too, shout outs are a great way to say "hey friend, i see you there and i support what you're doing" you then expose them to all your followers, and if they are decent they will do it back in turn exposing you to all of their followers. Collaborating on projects is also a great way to pull resources from each other and deliver outstanding work that will make people stop and go "woa these guys are epic" Another good example within the Design industry, is if I am too busy pulling all nighters to hit a website deadline and I get a potential client come through and ask for a logo design, ill tend to pass the client over to one of my preferred logo designers to get the job done. Fulfilling the clients need and passing along work to a peer. The Client is then happy and will remember and the peer will throw you a bone in the future (well we can only hope anyway)

Final thoughts

Growing a business account on Instagram these days is no easy feat. It takes time, determination and dedication. Keeping it all consistent and high quality. However, when using the right strategies, you can get the results you seek.

Once you have implemented one or all of the Instagram for business tips above, you will find your Instagram for business account flourishing. And I mean, I must know what i'm talking about.. I've grown my CancianDigital account to 1750 Followers in the space of 6 Months and my Robbie Cancian Photographer account to 18,500 followers within 5 years. Even my Social Media Clients have seen amazing results within the space of only a few short months. Instagram is all about playing the long game, and playing it well!

How to Grow your Business on Instagram
Instagram for Business

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