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5 Things you NEED in your Instagram Bio

I've seen some great, well thought out bios in my day... I've also seen some pretty awful ones that makes me face palm myself into another dimension. So i'm going to shed some light on the top 5 Things you NEED in your Instagram Bio. Speaking from experience as a photographer, there is nothing more frustrating not knowing a persons actual name (or even an alias they go by) or where they are located! Even in a male dominate industry, photographers should really be using their real names in their bios so that people have no question on who they are going to be working with. Anyways, enough ramblings. Lets get to the main reason you are here.

NUMBER 1: YOUR LOCATION Whether you are a business or an individual on that daily hustle, having your location in your bio helps HEAPS! It lets your followers and potential clients know where you are located in case they want to get in touch about working together. Even if you are predominantly an "online only" business, make sure you share your website in the correct place so that new customers can click on to find your products or services! NUMBER 2: BIO HASHTAG Still sooooo many people aren't 100% sure on the purpose of this. Some people even consider it a waste of time since it doesn't put your account into any sort of feed. But what it is good for is letting people know what niche your business or account sits in, and gives them a hashtag to use if they are mentioning you or your products in one of their posts. NUMBER 3: WELL WRITTEN INTRO Don't miss a chance to catch attention with a well written bio that says who you are and what you are about. People want to know as quick as possible what it is that you do and what you can do for them to make their lives better. So make sure your bio reflects your personality. DON'T BE BORING

NUMBER 4: CONTACT INFO If you rely on people getting in touch with you for work, make sure they have a way to contact you! Whether it is a contact form for your website, email address or phone number. Make it easy on people or else they will just move on and forget all about you! NUMBER 5: EMOJIS Other than being SUPER FUN, studies show emojis gain you waaaaaaaaay more engagement! People are more visual than anything and can relate to a good emoji 😂 😂 😂 So be sure to have at least one emoji that fits within your aesthetic so that people can visually relate. And there we have it! 5 super simple things you need in your Instagram bio. Not too hard to manage is it 😉

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