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Did you build your own website?

So you have built your own website. Congrats!

Taking that first step to bring your business into the virtual world is always a daunting task and building a website is no easy feat!

There is so much to think about! Content, wording, layout, images... its easy to get caught up in it all!

But there is so much more to it than that! Have you optimized it for Mobile or Tablet use?  Have you put the correct SEO in place? Keywords, alt text, analytics

At this point you're probably thinking, uhhh what?  I don't need any of that stuff, my website works just fine!

And i am sure it does! Provided you are using your own domain name and pushing your link to your customers.

But will it show up in a Google or Bing search?  (yes I said Bing, don't laugh its still the default search engine for windows based products) 

Will it show up via specific key words that your potential customers may use?

These are all the after thought processes needed to be put into place once the main bulk of your site has been built!

And i'm only being very vague right now, there is SO MUCH involved with making sure your website serves its purpose.

In a world where anyone can build a Wix or Wordpress website, Are you getting the most out of it?

At Cancian Digital we can help push your website right to where it needs to be!! (no i'm not saying front page of google, but it is very possible)

Get in touch with us today! We can provide you with a full website analysis to find out where your website is being held back and give you the detailed report to then either fix yourself or have us do the hard work for you!!

As well as provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to run the upkeep on your website yourself! Making sure it stays relevant in a world where everyone is fighting for the top spot!

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