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How to get big on Instagram in 2019

So that little sparkle of light in your eye has turned into a deep painful flash as you prospect the idea of becoming "Instagram Famous" Well boys and girls it is no easy feat and it certainly doesn't happen over night. I like to call it the INSTAGRAM GRIND NEVER STOP GRINDING NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING *takes deep breath* It can take years of pain and sacrifice to even obtain a glimmer of success. But luckily I have put together this guide, so you can cut some corners in your pursuit of all that faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. These days everyone wants to get big on Instagram because the platform is the best place for celebrities, content creators as well as for businesses. You might be wondering (obviously) How to get big on Instagram in 2019 Today I am going to share everything you need to know about Instagram and How to get big on Instagram. tehehe keyword stacking *Disclaimer; I don't promise anything in this guide will make you Instagram famous or big on Instagram , a lot of it comes down to personality, what you are offering and a bit (well alot) of luck. Firstly tho

Why Become Instagram Famous!?

The first question that comes into your mind is why become Instagram famous and why not become famous on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or any other platform. Because Instagram is the best and fastest growing social media platform and the engagement rate on Instagram is several times higher as compared to other platforms. Instagram is a great place to engage with your audience.

For Example: As a business person getting yourself out there is a very big deal. If clients don’t know about you, you cannot sell your products or services no matter how good they are.


I am sure you have seen some accounts on Instagram and wondered, “How did they get so good and can I get to that level?” the truth is becoming big on Instagram is no easy feat, you need to work hard. VERY HARD!

But if you are here to find the cheat sheet for revamping your Instagram account to give you the results you have been looking for, you are in the right place fam cos i got you!

I am going to guide you through step by step that will get you to the Instagram popularity level you desire.

But first, let us look at how you can create a professional Instagram account with a unique bio and look. here is step by step complete guide how to become big on Instagram. Quick Summary: Choose Your Niche and good name Create an Instagram Account Optimize Your Profile Upload unique and beautiful images and videos Understand the Hashtags Importance Amp your photography skills Follow other peoples and they will follow you back Mention other Instagram accounts

Post Notifications

Ask Questions

Use Instagram Stories

Run a contest or giveaway

Cross-posting on other social media platforms

Choose Your Niche And Good Name: As you start to delve into the wonderful world of Instagram, the first step you need is to figure out what your niche is. What kind of content will you be producing? What is your goal? are you a business or a personal brand? Figuring this out at the very start will save you a lot of time. Why is this important you might ask? Well in order to grow your followers and a community, you need to make it very transparent what you are about! Why else would anyone follow if they cant figure it out? Think about it, the people you choose to follow, you know EXACTLY what they are offering and what sort of content to expect from them right? Niche can be anything you want it can be Travelling, Food, Health & Fitness or anything else. Once you’re done with choosing your niche then let’s move on to the next step.

Create Your Instagram Account: Once you are done with selecting niche then you need to create your Instagram account.  Creating an Instagram account is not a big deal. All you have to do is download the Instagram App and create a new account. You can also visit and create an account right from your desktop PC. This step is boring and I don't rate it. But it must be like the MOST IMPORTANT STEP Why is this step important? Without an Instagram account, all of this is meaningless... So maybe instead you might like to look at this website instead

All you have to do is put your email or mobile phone number then put your full name, username and create a password then click on Sign up. You are all done.

Make sure to use a good name for your account and choose a unique username which will be easy to remember. Don’t use a long and lengthy user name for your Instagram account. Because short names are always easy to remember.

Optimize Your Account:

Now the next step is to optimize your account. Let your Instagram handle bear a similarity to your business. Your bio needs to explain what your company does and what unique feature you offer.. Also, remember, less is more.  Here are a few steps that you need to know when you optimizing your account.

Add your Profile Picture.  Add Killer bio that explains everything about the account.  Add your website link. Showcase your images creatively.

If you have a website or have a landing page make sure to put them on Instagram so that will lead to your site. The other important thing is your profile picture, if you have social media accounts, make them the same throughout. It is also prudent to use decent photos that portray the image you want clients to have of your business.

Upload unique and beautiful images and videos:

You have heard severally that content is king. This is true even more so for Instagram. You need to create content that only you have. Create content that your followers love so you will get more engagement from them and form a bit of a bond and cause them to actually care about what you are uploading.  Always showcase your images or products creatively that will attract new followers. Add some order to your feed, like my Photography Instagram account for Instance. I upload one row of images diagonally, then 3 rows vertically. It adds a bit of order to the way my posts are set out and looks visually pleasing (well at least to my eye it does)

Honestly, there is nothing new under the sun but inserting your unique personality into it makes it different and helps you stand out from the crowd. To ensure your content grabs attention and maintains it, it has to:

Speak to your audience. Make sure everything you post on your account resonates with your clients and if possible it should not only entertain but address a main point. Be you, let your content be original and your unique personality shine through Get a good editing app. Let’s face it Instagram is vain and you will not only need to bring your A game but bring it hard!

Understand the Hashtags Importance:

Did you know an Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages gets 13% more engagement than a post with no hashtags?

Hashtags are playing a very important role in Instagram Organic growth strategy. Hashtags can help you to reach your target audience on a large scale! So it is very important for everyone to use at least 5 to 10 Hashtags that are relevant to your posts. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 Hashtags in single posts. Now I have had many discussions with peers on the best number of Hashtags to use. Some have great success smashing out all 30 hashtag spots, while personally I like to stick to between 10 and 15. Best thing is to try it out and see what works for you! Also you do want to cycle your Hashtags between posts. Instagram can cull your Hashtag reach if they deem you to be spammy. So what i've done is set up a note in my phone with three different sets of hashtags that work for me. So I switch between these and add others that are relevant to the content i'm posting.

Also, try to include some trending and top hashtags in your post because these hashtags can help you to rank your post on that particular hashtag so you will get much more engagement. Here are some of the top Instagram Hashtags. You're welcome #love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #food #motivation

Amp your photography skills: 

You don’t have to be a pro photographer to take excellent photos; although being a professional photographer myself, I would highly recommend it (wink wink) But if you want to take great photos, you can do this using the following ways

Underexpose your shot on your phone settings and keep HDR off. This will give the photos a natural look Use natural light as much as possible. Also, try and check for shadows and shoot at a time with fewer shadows. We have mentioned this already but we cannot overemphasize it, get a good editing app for your photos for that polished look. The quality of your content is so important and keeping consistent with that content too! I find it frustrating when I follow someone based off their epic content, then all of a sudden they change and start dropping images that look like they were shot with a potato. It leads to the unfollow. So keep your content crisp, clean and GOOD!

Engage with your followers:

This is really important for any social network to be active and engage your audience. Engagement is one of the most important things for your Instagram growth strategy. Like other photos and videos Reply to all the comments Leave comments Re-post other images Share on stories and so on. The best marketing is word of mouth. Make a point of replying to your followers questions, thanking them for following you and making them feel like you appreciate them. These are the best ways to get more followers and more engagement very quickly.

They will spread the words, and soon you will have more followers than you could ever imagine. For real!

Mention Other Instagram accounts:

According to an Instagram study, posts that mentioned other Instagram accounts (e.g., @canciandigital) in the caption encouraged 55% more likes and comments. So this is another great way to increase your Instagram Engagement and comments just mention others on your post. For this communicate with other influencers, mention them and ask them to mention you back. So this way you will also tap into their following base and (in theory) you will get more Followers, more likes, and comments.

Post Notifications:

When someone turns on post notifications for your account, then they will get a notification every time you post a photo or video. So Post Notification is one of the best ways to get more engagements on your posts. Ask your followers to turn on post notifications for you so that they never miss an update or post! This is only possible when you provide quality content to your followers. If you provide them with the content they love so they will turn on post notifications for you. Then the world will be a happier place.

Ask Questions:

If you want to get higher engagement rate then questions are the best ways to go about it. Instagram judges how successful a post might be based off the number of interactions it gets within the first hour it was posted. So if you ask a question on your post you are encouraging your followers to interact with you. Just make sure to reply to their comments as mentioned earlier. A Study found that if you ask Questions in the post gets 60 times higher engagement rate than a post without questions. Now I know that can be a bit daunting, especially with small accounts with low engagement. Asking a question can sometimes go completely unanswered. But don't worry about it! Just keep in the habit! Eventually when your account picks up and people look through your past posts they will eventually find them and interact. (its better late than never am i right) Also using the QUESTIONS feature in the Instagram Story is a great way to get interactions. I personally try use them a couple times a week! Which brings me to the next point

Use Instagram Stories:

Every single day over 500 Million users uses Instagram Stories that disappear right after 24 hours. Many Marketers and Businesses use Instagram stories to showcase and highlights their products and services to get more reach and more sales. Instagram also offers to add Website or landing page link to your stories so this can help you to drive your Instagram traffic to your site to get more traffic and sales. Well if you have 10K+ followers that is. It's a coveted feature for those that have put in the hard work and hit the first real milestone of Instagram. I usually tell people Instagram doesn't truly start until you hit that 10K mark.

Run an Instagram Contest or Giveaway:

Instagram contests or giveaways can help you to gain more followers and more engagements. This way your followers will increase and you will also get more comments and more likes. The best way to run Instagram Contests is one time a week or you can do at least once a month. Instagram contests provide a platform for you to give back to your followers. It’s really an important strategy to grow your instagram account. You can also use it to your advantage to earn followers.

All you need to do is choose a prize that resonates with your audience and encourages them to like your post or recommend you to their friends to win and boom! You have new followers.

Cross-posting on other social media Platforms:

Cross posting is another great and easy way to increase engagements. Instagram makes it very easy to share your post on other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. So whenever you post anything on Instagram then make sure to share that content on other social media platforms in order to get more engagement and more followers from those places too! Just make sure you remove the hashtags that carry over on Facebook. Facebook posts just look super messy with hashtags put into them (plus they aren't that useful) Phew, that was a lot to get out, and this blog post is only scratching the surface of what you can do. I also offer Instagram Consulting and Social Media Management as a service, so I can literally worry about all this stuff for you... or give you an in depth report on what your account needs to attain the fame status. Happy grinding guys! and if all else fails... you can just hire me to do all this for you!

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