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How to monetize your Instagram account

Many people wonder "how do I make money from Instagram?" Let me throw some knowledge your way fam!

Sponsored posts!!

In a survey of 5000 influencers, around 42% said they charged from $200 to $400 per post, and these are the influencers with a "small audience." So you can only imagine what the "big boys" charge per post! The earnings may go beyond $25000 per post for influencers with a large audience.

Generally, a profile with 10k followers is considered "micro".

These micro profiles have the highest demand rate on the market tho!

If you feel that your account has a decent audience, you can list yourself on influencer marketplaces.

Eventually a company will decide that you may be a great fit for them, and will offer you a deal.

Influencer Marketing Hub has compiled a list of great sites where instagram influencers can list themselves and earn money! Ahhhh the dream!

So be sure to check which one may be the best fit for you! There is also the age old trick of "cold calling" like message a brand and be like SPONSOR ME not as likely to work but hey, stranger things have happened!

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