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Protect yourself from Phishing Attacks

For as long as I can remember websites have been trying to trick users into installing things they don't want, such as toolbars, add-ins for their browsers or even worse malware or viruses. The end goal for them is to obtain sensitive information from you such as usernames, passwords and credit cards details.

These are classed as Phishing Attacks (like fishing, they try and catch you).

Google Chrome is by far the most used browser overall, but until now it hasn't been scoring too well in protecting you from Phishing Attacks. Well good news, the one browser that has been doing a job of protecting its users from Phishing Attacks (Microsoft Edge) is now allowing that technology to help Google Chrome users.

The Browser Extension is: Windows Defender Browser Protection. You can get it from here:

The Windows Defender Browser Protection Extension is free and uses SmartScreen technology to protect users for malicious websites and files. It is also a product of Microsoft, so it's in their best interest to try and keep you safe online cause they will get the blame if your PC gets a virus right ;)

My advice is to install it today because I'm all for anything useful to try stopping nasty software getting onto my computer.

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