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SHOCK HORROR! Facebook is listening to us via Messenger!

Facebook Has Been Collecting, Listening And Transcribing Audio from Messenger. The collection of audio from Facebook's users voice chats is a reality! They have even been paying outside contractors to transcribe all of the audio logs! Bloomberg's Sarah Frier has reported. If you opted into having your voice chats transcribed then guess what... you have been affected! Facebook doesn't even disclose in their "date use policies" that they collect audio from users or that it sends the data to outside contractors to transcribe.

Facebook collects and has contractors transcribe the audio data to check the accuracy of its automated speech-recognition systems, according to Bloomberg.

The company said it had recently "paused" the practice, the report added. Some contractors involved in transcribing the data said they felt what they were doing was unethical because Facebook hadn't informed users that they would have access to the users' audio data, the report went on.

Facebook says its “systems automatically process content and communications you and others provide to analyze context and what’s in them.” It includes no mention of other human beings screening the content. In a list of “types of third parties we share information with,” Facebook doesn’t mention a transcription team, but vaguely refers to “vendors and service providers who support our business” by “analyzing how our products are used.”

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