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Think outside the box

On my morning scroll through Facebook, I happened upon the most amazing, most weird, most creepy post that I have seen in recent months. It came in the form of a flyer. With a creepy looking woman in a gross looking bathroom offering for men to BATHE IN HER MILK Just look below

Weird right! but it does get weirder, Following are images of men participating in the bathing in her milk. Scrolling through can give thoughts of hilarity and laughter, then followed by an over whelming sense of feeling creeped the hell out! I was in awe of this, I thought it was the best thing I had seen in years! I even shared it on my Facebook page so my friends can bask in the hilarity So I just had to check out the mentioned website to see more. Heading to was just a one page website, with the same sort of images of men in milk baths on a black page. Very simple and basic. My first thought was "aww this was anticlimactic" I was hoping for more content! Like a detailed run down of her services, where she was located, how she got into the business, you know the usual stuff. At the bottom of the website was " If interested, please email me right away." So obviously i clicked it to see what the email was then boom I was taken to a Facebook page for a Alan Wagner IT WAS ALL A MARKETING PLOY!! He had produced this piece of viral content to point right back to his own page! Amazing! I was actually super impressed! Something of this magnitude takes time and careful planning, making the content look authentic with a bizarre twist to it. He can probably achieve more with a marketing stunt like this than actual Facebook advertising! At the time of writing this, the post I found has had 5,368 shares, and that's not even from the original source! So clearly was a very well thought out and successful post! I ended up liking Alan's page, and scrolling further through his content there is more of the same sort of things, all with varying levels of success and fake websites leading back to his Facebook page. I love this sort of marketing, I think it is amazing and can be applied in many different ways.

Is this the future of marketing? Viral content posing as advertising? I am shook! Good show Alan, good show.

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