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Ugh, Instagram Hashtags...

I Know I know... Instagram Hashtags... Which ones to use? What works and what doesn't? So many questions and pretty much no real answers... But fear not! I am going to help set you right today! The Instagram algorithms are always changing, strategies that worked in 2018 mostly have no hope working now. So lets talk about it! From Following hashtags to adding them into your stories, we are gonna drop a bomb load of tips and tricks to help keep your Hashtag game strong!

Keeping Your Instagram Hashtags Relevant is More Important Than Ever

Instagram being the beauty that we all know and love has given us the ability to follow specific hashtags. What this means is that rather than having to specifically search up a hashtag and scroll aimlessly for years and years, users that follow specific hashtags now have the chance for posts to show up in their main feed and giving you even more of a chance to snag them as a new follower! Yay! So while this is an amazing feature, it can also... work against you... if you arent using hashtags relevant to your post! For example, if you are posting about cars but you hashtag planes, people wont like that... and can actually flag your post as irrelevant to the hashtag feed... and in turn... start to limit your future and past posts! Avoid that at all costs! The fear of the shadowban is real!

Switch Up Your Instagram Hashtags to Avoid “Spammy” Behavior

Ugh, this one annoys me the most. I like to target specific hashtags and keep consistent with them.. BUT NO! Instagram now views this as spammy and will shadowban you quick snap! Gone are the days of having a list of hashtags and copying and pasting them to all of your posts. It will impact your engagement and make you look like a total spammer. Now you need to make sure your hashtags are intentional and what your target audience may actually be searching for to find your content. It is important to switch up your hashtags between every single post to avoid being marked as a spammer. It's is also a darn good idea to avoid hashtags such as #followforfollow and annoying ones like that... they don't actually help or do anything useful... (trust me, ive tried) The best hashtags to use are often the ones that have been used between 100k and 1M times. So start experimenting with different hashtag sets (usually between 10 and 20) that fall inside that range.

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